ST. LOUIS — Standing on the edge of the Cardinals' dugout on a balmy mid-June afternoon at Busch Stadium, his 34-inch, 31 1/2-ounce Louisville Slugger in his hands fresh from a round of batting practice blasts, Adam Wainwright did his best to throw a little fuel on the fire that he — along with a couple other high-profile pitchers — is trying to light. “It’s probably like 'Dumb and Dumber,' when he said, ‘One in a million? So you’re saying there’s a chance?’ type of thing,” he said with a laugh. “But I’m ready i

f they call.” MORE: The 13 best career All-Star performancesThe “thing,” of course, is the idea that should allow pitchers to have their own version of the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game this year. Madison Bumgarner’s prolific pounding at the plate — he has 11 home runs in 177 regular-season at-bats the past three years, including a pair this season — has served as the catalyst, and then Cubs ace Jake Arrieta said he’d be in, and then Wainwright sent out a tweet of his own announcing his candidacy. Well, if Madbum and @JArrieta34 want in on this #homerunderby...I might as well throw my name in the hat! #5:00hero #laser-show— Adam Wainwright (@UncleCharlie50) June 12, 2016It was a bit of a surprise to his teammates. “They found out about my tweet while we were watching the postgame ESPN the other day, eating dinner in the Pittsburgh locker room,” Wainwright said. “The tweet came across the screen and they were talking about it and everybody was like, “Whooooaa.’ It was fun.” Wainwright, by the way, is batting .261 with four doubles — his 12th-inning pinch-hit RBI double against Pittsburgh last week helped St. Louis sweep the Pirates on the road — a triple, a home run, 10 RBIs and a .913 OPS in 23 at-bats this season. MORE: Greatest Cardinals of all time"I don’t care if it’s one swing," he said. "Let’s try to create something."The Cardinals' ace said his interest in the idea really started when Bumgarner and his Giants were in St. Louis and he watched the San Francisco ace pepper the outfield seats, including a shot that went into the fourth deck, above Big Mac Land in left field. The two talked after the performance. “That’s up there. Not many people have ever done that, maybe two ever,” Wainwright said. “I saw Albert (Pujols) hit one up there, and Nelson Cruz hit one up there. It doesn’t happen often. That’s way up there. He said, ‘Let’s talk about this home run derby thing. Let’s make this happen.’ ” And I said, “ ‘Hey, I’ll promote this as much as you want to. Let’s do this.’ ”Realistically, Wainwright’s "Dumb and Dumber" odds are probably optimistic. SPECTOR: Fans messing up All-Star vote by getting it rightYou know the very idea of prized pitching superstars like Bumgarner and Arrieta and Wainwright and others potentially hurting themselves trying to swing hard in front of the cameras makes managers and front-office types cringe. That’s a lot of money on the line. “Wow,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said with a smile when asked about the idea before Tuesday’s game with the Astros. “Yeah, I don’t see a whole lot of good that comes from that, but I’m sure he does. You know, it’s the (All-Star) break and they’re going to have fun. I see somebody falling down swinging really hard, and if Waino is in there, he would fall into that category. He puts on a good show in BP, though.”The counterpoint, from the guy who badly wants to make this happen: “There’s probably more of a chance of a pitcher going out and hurting himself pitching in that game than there is doing batting practice,” Wainwright said. “We do this every day. It’s not like they’re asking us to do something we don’t ever do. We hit on the field quite a bit, especially every home game.”Finding willing participants wouldn’t be a problem.MORE: These guys could be first-time All-Stars “Listen, I’m sure every starting pitcher in baseball wants to be part of it, no question about it,” Wainwright said. “If you even threw it out there as a joke to any pitcher in the game, immediately their eyes are going to light up and they’re going to agree to be in it. And they’re going to think they’re going to win, too, by the way.”Anyway, the idea is amusing. The execution? Probably not something any manager will seriously have to worry about anytime soon. “I don’t know. It’s fun. It’s probably going nowhere, but it creates some buzz, right?” Wainwright said. “And we’re trying to get some people to watch the game maybe who weren’t going to watch before. Have a bunting contest for cleanup hitters and a home-run derby for pitchers.”The bunting thing? Now there's an idea.