A lot of people like to eat Durian, the nutrient value of Durian is very high also, a person does not eat a big Durian for certain, so Durian freeze box can be put how long, can put after Durian defrost how long.

How long can be Durian freeze box put?

Do not exceed half an year commonly. Durian has the name of the king of the fruit in the fruit, nutrient value is quite high, mai Liulian can buy a lot of people a lot of, if do not eat, be about to consider the issue that deposit, pare its pulp commonly piece, put in last sealedly the box perhaps is used last in bags is good, put freezer refrigerant. Can save left and right sides of half an year so, place is taken out to want the flesh of fruit when eating a little defrost, have the mouthfeel of ice cream and local color. General and refrigerant a month had better, save time to grow mouthfeel to be able to become poor.

Can put after Durian defrost how long

Should not be below normal temperature more than 4 hours. Like freezing Durian just took quality of a material and rock hard, the need before edible a little defrost eat again, but had placed after unfavorable defrost long, the aspic Durian that is put below normal temperature otherwise is reduced as temperature, battalion nurturance branch of the surface becomes the microbial nourishment such as the bacterium slowly, phenomenon of occurrence metamorphism decay, put after 4 hours below normal temperature to cannot eat normally, but if be put in freezer to continue,be refrigerated or again refrigerant, the edible that can lengthen Durian period, pass two days to did not appear after general defrost become flavour, soft to rot the word of the degenerative phenomenon such as running water can have as before.

How Durian is fast defrost

1, it is not good that Durian eats mouthfeel directly, refrigerant hind promotion mouthfeel and simple sense, and fragrance won't outside put, condense among them. ?

2, take out from freezer, go nucleus, in cutting below one to put the entrance, drive in the

instant of heating power, fragrance can burst forth immediately come out, hold whole oral cavity. ?

3, the nucleus that remain, taking the advantage of refrigerant put microwave oven to fume immediately bake, the meeting is more delicious.

Durian is not sweet how to do

Durian is not sweet, because do not have maturity,the likelihood is, can use last film laps, put in normal temperature to save 2~3 day next, so OK and natural maturity, become sweet. Also can heat Durian, with last film encases pulp, the Gao Huo in using microwave oven turns 2 minutes or so, perhaps lie between Durian water steam ripe. The amylaceous bate that can make Durian medium so, taste mouthfeel is a few sweeter. If Durian tastes not sweet really, the proposal is OK with its it he has sweet food an edible, perhaps can use it Bao soup edible.