Everybody should be familiar with corrupt of young soya bean very much, some people like particularly, and some people cannot be accepted however, above this kind of bean curd hairiness, can accept possibly not quite it seems that, corrupt of young soya bean looks below is how do.

The making method of corrupt of young soya bean

1, make a starch

Handpick and high grade soya bean is cleaned with water, purify impurity, immerse 6-10 hour expands adequately till fabaceous valve, the intermediate soya bean that without the machine on horniness hind molar; has immersed and water press two water at the same time infuse grinds the scale of a soya bean in the hopper of machine, mix molar; soya-bean milk and residue from bean after making soya-bean milk to give makings; to heat respectively soya-bean milk comes till boiling, natural refrigeration arrives 5 ℃ of 75 ℃ ± .

2, dot oar

After taking groovy bean curd to produce what caky Shi Xi goes out in the process to drench oar water nature places 3 days, equipment presses 7 soya-bean milk with; : 0.8-1.5 portion drenchs the scale of oar water, to the middle of oar bucket infuse is spare drench oar water, agitate is even and caky 12-16 minute.

3, outfit model finalizes the design stripping and slicing

Through caky oar makings infuse sets the modular case that has filter cloth inside, modular; goes out to cut small; to collect after pressurization shapes wash rice go out drench oar water nods oar reoccupy next time with equipment.

4, emulsification

what had cut level off of bean curd piece is put in bamboo on, every between stay have space, setting environment temperature is 15 ℃ - Queen of heaven of 3-5 of course of 25 ℃ ; , bean curd surface grows even and close nap, namely already emulsification is mature.

How does corrupt of young soya bean eat

Material: Corrupt of young soya bean, thick broad-bean sauce, Jiang Pian, green paragraph, often smoke, unripe smoke, dry chili, salt, candy, cooking wine


Corrupt of 1 young soya bean is used had panbroiled.

2 young soya bean is added in frying pan corrupt, cooking wine, thick broad-bean sauce, unripe smoke, often smoke, saline sugar, Jiang Cong, add water to be boiled.

3 burn 10 minutes or so, conflagration receives juice can.

The effect of corrupt of young soya bean and action

Through eating young soya bean corrupt can savor the taste with extremely delicious savor, and bean curd having hair still conduces to complementary capabilities, the battalion nurturance that can think body complement needs a lot of times is divided, can complement not only a lot of vitamin material, return OK and a lot of more compensatory microelement, still can promote through eating corrupt of young soya bean in addition digest, because contain the prandial cellulose of certain amount among them, the digestive ability that can let us gets promotion, it is the amino acerbity part that also contains certain amount in corrupt of young soya bean to be those who be worth to be carried, can enhance a constitution.

The distinction of corrupt of young soya bean and strong-smelling preserved bean curd

1 appearance: The outside skin of corrupt of young soya bean has fluff of a white, can be clear about the wool that sees bean curd go up. The color of strong-smelling preserved bean curd is navy, without

Bai Mao.

2 craft: Corrupt of young soya bean is barmy of the vinegar that use rice, what strong-smelling preserved bean curd uses is the smelly bittern barmy that uses three-colored amaranth souse.

3 flavour: The flavour of corrupt of young soya bean follows likeness of general bean curd flavour, without special peculiar smell. Strong-smelling preserved bean curd smells its are smelly clinking, but eat to taste into mouth pretty good still.

4 have a way: Corrupt of young soya bean uses evaporate to perhaps boil rice eat commonly, strong-smelling preserved bean curd just has bit of tide, just be baked commonly or scamper will eat.