Everybody should have eaten rife food in the life, so do you understand cake of violet potato yam? Understand together with everybody today, after all how is cake of violet potato yam done delicious, and do cake of violet potato yam to have what attention.

How is cake of violet potato yam done delicious

1, prepare data: Violet potato 3, iron rod yam 1.

2, abluent flay cuts violet potato and yam small.

3, half boiler water is put in boiler, violet potato and yam go up together boiler evaporate is controlled half hours, it is OK to use a chopstick it is OK that very easy jab goes in!

4, yam pounds mud with ladle!

5, violet potato also pounds mud!

6, the pattern that makes moon cake brushs a bit oil, put half violet potato first, impaction.

7, other in part uses yam mud cram, impaction.

8, it is OK to roll out.

Do cake of violet potato yam to have what attention

1, yam flay had better be before evaporate, flay is a bit difficult after evaporate became ripe! Flay had better wear one-time glove before evaporate, prevent mucous come to hand on the meeting is urticant.

2, whole yam mud should choose iron rod yam. Somebody likes sweet, bit of honey can be added when making yam mashed vegetable or fruit.

How does yam cake do violet potato to have nutrition most

Cake of violet potato yam wants to have nutrition, what choosing violet potato and yam with respect to need is hind should choose best. Violet potato wants those who come out to buy mountain ridge ground to plant. Grow cycle is long, be put on the hand to feel heavy character. Leather color slants of violet black is best violet potato, taste smell is very sweet. Yam wants to choose beard pilose to weigh (such mouthfeel can compare a face relatively) choose head to be in smally (dry matter content is high, easy save) , tangent plane nots allow to fizzle out changeably (easy save) , the mucus after incision is much (tall) of value of tall nutrition of yam polysaccharide and candy protein content. Choose the ability feeding capable person that come out to have rich nutrition so, choose two kinds to feed capable person well mutual confluence is OK cake of yam of make it violet potato, the particular way of cake of violet potato yam is below, everybody can be done inside the home according to measure, bring family the cate of this delicate nutri


How does cake of violet potato yam do nutrition won't prediction of a person's luck in a given year

The nutrition that wants to let cake of violet potato yam not prediction of a person's luck in a given year, in evaporate yam when want time a bit longer, because violet potato fiber is thicker, what press as far as possible is some finer, the nutrient ability inside so violet potato is absorbed weller by human body, must notice to add water when heating with microwave oven next, paper easily otherwise, burnt nonnutritively value.