Popcorn sweet sweet fragile, a lot of people like to have puffed rice, be in especially when seeing a movie, popcorn is requisite, so how is popcorn saved fragile all the time, can popcorn put freezer to save.

How is popcorn saved fragile all the time?

1, put puffed rice into polybag, put into dry metal is

made or undertake inside ligneous box sealed save.

2, the environmental protection polybag of flavour of use as good as has puffed rice lapping cheek by jowl, put in microwave oven to undertake closing saving next.

3, after using a large number of desiccative and popcorn to mix, good with plastic in bags put into hutch ark to save, notice to desiccative does not eat when eating.

4, put in dark without light ventilated position is saved, do not breathe freely, save time so longer.

5, put in special and moistureproof box to save.

Can popcorn put freezer to save

Can. Puffed rice can be put in freezer to save, but the attention wants sealed good, can cause popcorn very easily to be brought about because of be affected with damp be affected with damp otherwise loose, not fragile. But should notice popcorn is to cannot be put in refrigerant inside, otherwise, after hitting become civilized to freeze direct molten.

Popcorn became gentle how to do

1, put puffed rice in boiler to heat a little, purify moisture, put in cold storage ark to refrigerate 20-30 next minute can.

2, put puffed rice in microwave oven high temperature 3 minutes can.

3, burn one boiler oil, issue popcorn boiler blast 1-2 minute, can come out water blast so, become crisp.

Popcorn eats much have what harm

1, gain flesh

If you take the word that is the sort of popcorn that sells in the sort of similar cinema, the quantity that contain sugar is very tall, and the content of grease of majority of this kind of popcorn is bigger also, if often eat it is the appearance that creates gain weight likely, some pedlar still can join many butterine, butterine contains the fatty acid that return form, cause easily fat, and endanger health of heart head blood-vessel.

2, chronic lead poisoning

If be the sort of popcorn of Chinese tradition, as a result of made process in, coal tub mouth has the part of a few lead, open furnace finally so when, because high temperature high pressure can cause the composition interfuse of a few lead to arrive among popcorn, if eat for a long time, do not eliminate to create the possibility of chronic lead poisoning, expression drops for appetite, diarrhoea, be agitated, gum empurples wait for a phenomenon.

3, suffer from excessive internal heat

Popcorn if the appearance that overfeeding causes suffer from excessive internal heat very easily happens, to this kind of circumstance, suggest you are OK and multi-purpose the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia, chrysanthemum undertakes bubble water is drunk, can prevent symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat effectively so.