Kevin Durant took a break from carving up opposing defenses to roast some haters on Thanksgiving Day.

The Warriors star forward likely knew when he decided to sign with Golden State this offseason that there would be no shortage of critics ready to pounce on him for being a ring chaser, lazy millennial or whatever other silly insult one can conjure up. Those critics aren't going to disappear any time soon.

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So after Durant shared an innocent message with all of his 15.2 million Twitter followers to celebrate Thanksgiving, he was bound to get some negative feedback. Twitter is the medium, after all.

"Bulto" took his shot, and Durant was ready to respond.

Durant fades back, it

's up, it's good! Swish!

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As the Steelers faced Colts on Thursday night, Durant jumped back on Twitter to pay a compliment to Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell. 

Nothing wrong with one professional admiring another — except, again, Twitter is the medium. 

Can KD hit back-to-back shots?

Bang! Nothing but net!

At least the guy realized took his loss in stride. Perhaps another day, trolls.

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