James Harden is try

ing to teach us about flopping. Don’t you get it? Just watch this video of him getting into it with a heckler at Los Angeles’ famed Drew League:

The heckler is pretty spectacular: “How many free throws you got? … You flopping out there, bro. You Vlade Divac’ing out there, bro.”

But Harden has a response: “A flop means you don’t get touched.”

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Of course, that’s not really true. Flopping means exaggerating the effect of contact. You can get touched and still get fined by the NBA. Harden knows this, though he hasn’t been fined by the NBA for flopping since 2013.

Anyway, Harden just got a huge extension from the Rockets and is not worried about $5,000 slaps on the wrist. He's also led the NBA in free throw attempts the past two seasons, so drawing those fouls is important to his career.

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The important thing here is that we all remember to accuse opponents of "Vlade Divac'ing" in our next pickup games.

H/T CBS Sports

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