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Blake Griffin heard the Clippers' message and then offered an apology for his actions over the weekend.

The Clippers forward apologized after it was learned he was involved in a physical altercation with equipment manager Matias Testi in a Toronto restaurant Saturday. Several reports said that Griffin punched Testi repeatedly in the head, while the Clippers acknowledged that Griffin broke a finger while throwing a punch .

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“A situation among friends escalated and I regret the way I handled myself towards someone I care about,” Griffin tweeted. “I want to apologize to the Clippers organization, my teammates and the fans for creating a distraction. I am working with the team on a resolution and getting back in the game as soon as possible.”

Griffin is expected to miss four to six weeks, according to the team. He had been nearing a return from a quadriceps injury and hoped to be back in the lineup

as soon as Wednesday.

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The apology includes nothing directed toward Testi, but it seems clear that Griffin spoke with the equipment manager individually. The Clippers are conducting an investigation into the incident with the help of the NBA.

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