In today's NBA, leaving the bench earns you a suspension.

Now, watch the video below — which features Willis Reed basically taking on the entirety of the Lakers in 1966 — and wrap your mind around the fact that his only penalty was a $50 fine.

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The rare clip was part of ESPN's latest "30 for 30" docu

mentary, "When The Garden Was Eden." As the video says, Rudy LaRusso and Henry Finkel had broken jaws. What's interesting was that Reed even said the NBA wanted to "put him out" of the league, but LaRusso threw the first punch. It's unlikely that would keep someone today from missing significant time.

You've also got to love Reed's reaction, kind of chuckling to himself, almost reminiscent of Rick James in that "Chappelle Show" sketch, half-remembering something he did in his wilder days.

Deadspin has a good roundup of the media coverage surrounding the fight, if you want to dive into the history books for a bit.

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