Lewis Brinson says he still hears racial slur in Rockies fan video: 'It sounds a lot like the N-word'

  • Colorado Rockies Miami Marlins Baseball Lewis Brinson only hears the N-word from the Rockies fan.The Marlins outfielder was involved in a controversial moment on Sunday, when he was at-bat on during the Marlins matchup vs. the Rockies; a fan in the stands behind home plate appeared to have shouted the N-word twice, with the epithet caught by on-field microphones. As it turns out, the fan was instead yelling for Colorado's mascot "Dinger," trying to get its attention for a photograph with his family, according to the Rockies. Still, upon watching the video, Brinson thinks he hears the racial slur."All I know is that, in my opinion, it sounds a lot like the N-word. But I’m not that fan," Brinson said Monday, via USA Today. "I don’t know what he said. I only have the video and the video sounds like the N-word to me. But, if he didn’t, and didn’t initially mean for him to make it sound like that. I’m sorry for all the backlash coming." MORE: Dodgers ball girl becomes Twitter star after stopping invaderBrinson said that, as a Black baseball player, he draws the ire of racists on social media fairly frequently, with nameless, faceless accounts tweeting him with the disgusting word."I personally keep hearing the N-word. It’s not that I want[......]