Jake Marisnick gets hit, and A.J. Hinch takes a swing at in response

  • null null Baseball null The Angels defended the honor of an injured teammate Tuesday night by plunking — intentionally or not — the guy who caused the injury. Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick got his for smashing — unintentionally or not — Jonathan Lucroy's face in the previous series between the teams.In most years, this would have been an unremarkable transaction. In 2019, it was the source of rancor and confusion. The benches and bullpens cleared after Angels first baseman Albert Pujols stepped toward Astros players who were woofing in the Houston dugout. Marisnick was trying to be a peacemaker. MORE: Watch 'ChangeUp,' a new live whiparound show on DAZN Astros manager A.J. Hinch lays the blame for the incident at the Angels, yes, but also at for its inconsistent policing of the game.Jake Marisnick was philosophical abo夜网论坛ut tonight's harsh return to So Cal (and responded with a guffaw when I said, "Some homecoming, huh?")Astros manager A.J. Hinch, on the other hand, was ticked. A sample: pic.twitter.com/Sg5XTOdNiE— Jim Alexander (@Jim_Alexander) July 17, 2019 suspended Marisnick two games for running into Lucroy at home plate on July 7. Maris[......]