Jason Giambi says Astros cheating scandal 'is no different than the PEDs,' but here's the problem with that

  • 夜网论坛 Houston Astros Baseball Jason Giambi is bringing the juice.The former slugger is no stranger to scandals, being one of the posterboys for steroid use in during the Steroid Era. Giambi was outed as a steroid user during the BALCO scandal in the early 2000s and wouldn't issue a public apology for his part in the ordeal until May 2007. In a recent interview on SNY's "Baseball Night in New York," Giambi laid out exactly where PEDs and sign-stealing fall along the lines of cheating."Everybody is always looking for an advantage,” Giambi said. "It’s no different than the PEDs. There’s always going to be things going in this game when you’re talking about people making a lot of money and wanting to win." MORE: Snell wins ': The Show' Players League, but fans the real victorsThe first part is pretty accurate. Cheating in baseball isn't a new concept. Babe Ruth allegedly tried to gain an edge by injecting an elixer with sheep testicles. (No, really!)Babe Ruth was an alleged PED user as well (an elixir made from sheep testicles). Bring the hate, I invite it, I will turn your argument inside out.Barry Bonds is the greatest of all-time.rmspaeder@gmail.com pic.twitter.com/5rfoejJlUB— Ryan M. Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder) December 22, 2017But, there's a problem with the second bit of the quote. On its surface, cheating is cheat[......]